Onsite CPR Training For Businesses, Groups, and Individuals

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Vive CPR offers private individual and group CPR and first aid classes at your home, school, office, or business workplace location.  Our knowledgeable and engaging instructors come to you with all the equipment and materials needed to conduct an onsite CPR First Aid training, an American Heart Association certification class, or other safety training.  We offer this service for all of our classes.  Group CPR classes can be completed outdoors, on evenings and weekends, and in Spanish!

As an American Heart Association Training Site, our CPR and First Aid certification classes meet CA state and OSHA workplace requirements.  American Heart Association certifications are issued the same day.

We serve the greater San Francisco Bay Area, and can accommodate individuals (private one-on-one in person classes), or groups with no minimum group size.  Our pricing is based on the size of the group – the larger the group, the lower the cost is per person.  You’ll only pay for those who actually attend the class.  

Our group CPR classes are fun and engaging, taught by professional rescuers with years of experience, and backed by over 600 5-star reviews on Google!

Flexible Onsite CPR Training Options

Our private and group CPR trainings are offered in various formats.  In addition to in-person classes, we also offer blended learning classes that combine online training with an in-person skills session with our AHA certified instructor.  This allows your group members to complete the online cognitive portion of the training on their own schedules, and then meet with the instructor for a quick review and hands-on test of the skills they learned.  Certain classes can be taught completely online.

Don’t have your own space?  Your group can come to our Rohnert Park classroom in Sonoma County.  Need a recurring weekly or monthly class that your staff can sign up for?  Or perhaps a code your employees can use to enroll themselves in our classroom courses on demand?  No problem.  Just contact us with your specific needs and we can find a solution!

We make it easy to schedule training on a date that works for you.  You’ll even receive convenient reminders.  And if you need to make adjustments, it’s not a problem.  We’re here to help.

Testimonial quote from organization that received onsite CPR and First Aid training from Vive CPR in the SF Bay Area.

What to Expect From Our Group CPR Classes

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Our goal is always for you and your team to leave the class confident and ready to act in case of an emergency.  Therefore, our group CPR classes always involve real-world examples, scenarios, ample hands-on practice, and instructor feedback.  We encourage relevant discussion and are happy to answer questions.

onsite cpr, onsite cpr training, workplace cpr, corporate cpr training, osha cpr first aid classes in santa rosa, sonoma, sf bay area

Onsite CPR trainings are tailored to your workplace, with discussion of the specific risks and common emergencies seen in your industry.  We review your action plan, and the roles and responsibilities of team members (Who calls 9-1-1? Who runs outside to flag down the ambulance? Who grabs the AED?  Where is the first aid kit?).  This helps to ensure your group can work together efficiently in a real-life emergency situation, to quickly and effectively implement the skills they learned during their trainings.

And finally, we can review your onsite safety equipment to ensure you have the proper tools to respond to life-threatening situations, that you know how to use them, and that they are working properly.  If you have AEDs or first aid equipment onsite, the instructor can demonstrate how to use your specific equipment. 

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